Graphing calculator turned on its head!

Instead of typing functions to see their graphs, simply draw lines with your finger and let funcDoodle figure out the formulas.

Tap on a line you drew to see its function, then watch the line move and wiggle as you slide the parameters. And since doodling function graphs like this is such a direct and free-flowing experience, funcDoodle is also a smooth drawing app!

We invite you to surprise us with some cool math art as well as to share it with your friends and teachers. We are looking forward to featuring the coolest (and the cutest) on this website!

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After having fun with funcDoodle, functions and graphs you encounter at school will no longer feel intimidating but familiar and easy to master. More and more teachers encourage their students to play creatively with graphing calculator apps and compose pictures out of function graphs. There are thousands of wonderful examples of such artwork on the Internet.

Of course, graphing calculators are not really designed for this, so making an exciting drawing involves painstakingly typing out a function for each and every line. To our best knowledge, funcDoodle is the first app that was designed especially to make doodling functions a joyful and engaging learning experience.

With this first version of the app, funcDoodle can already recognise three classes of functions, which together allow for a wide range of expressive strokes:

Note that the first two classes include most of the conic sections - i.e. circles, ellipses and parabolas.

As you can imagine, we are dying to hear from you!

funcDoodle is a new kind of app and we are very excited to develop it further. We have a rather long list of novel features that we plan to introduce with the coming updates. But this is also the best time for us to learn from you, our early adopters! What would you like us to add, take away, or improve? We are eager to learn about the way you are using funcDoodle and how you think we can make it even more useful and fun. Here are some of the specific questions that keep us awake at night:

Have fun and keep in touch!